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Providing quality services to major global companies in the engineering and construction industries
Our services

We can build all kinds of structures for you. Simply call us for more information. We deliver excellent work at reasonable prices.
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Marcon provides owners and operators with a full spectrum of marine and industrial repair services which are of the highest international standards.
Marine Services include but are not limited to Mechanical and Engine works, Electrical and Electronic Repair worksPipe Repairs and Fabrication worksSteel Repairs and Fabrication, Main Engine Repairs, Cofferdam RepairsUnderwater Repairs and DivingBlasting / Painting and CleaningRiding Squads, New Building and more.
Industrial Services include but are not limited to Heavy and Light Machining, Electrical and Electronic Repair works, Fitting, CNC Machines, Fabrication and Steelworks, Furnace, Non-Destructive Testing.
Contact Marcon today if you require any of the above services.
  • Comprehensive advice
  • Qualified planning
  • Plants for commercial and industrial use
  • Agricultural use buildings and plants
  • All excavation, concrete, masonry, rendering and screed work
  • Heat insulation
  • Tuff and stone excavation work
  • Vaulted structures
  • Refurbishments
  • Old building renovations
  • Construction drawings
  • Financing
  • Roofing projects
  • Additions
  • Conversions
  • Turn-key ready
  • Interior rendering
  • Exterior rendering
Our Offshore Marine Services Division is headed up by a team of highly experienced offshore engineers and project managers whose collective knowledge and expertise enable us to offer clients turnkey solutions for all rig repair maintenance and upgrade projects.
Quality Assured On Time Delivery
Our teams precise scheduling and estimating; detailed planning; and tight controls and quality checks contribute to us delivering quality end results on time and within budget.

Marcon is your service partner for ship repair. Dry docking and afloat repairs and conversions / upgrades of all ships including tankers, passenger liners, container ships, bulkers and Navy vessels. Our marine engineering division provides reputable ship repairs services to the marine industry across the board from Container/Cargo vessels to Passenger liners, Offshore Construction vessels, Survey vessels, PSV’s, OSV’s, AHT, Rigs, FPSO’s and Navy vessels.

Marcon is able to offer a complete mobile operational platform, often referred to as “Shipyard-in-a-Box”, with a full spectrum of site facilities, adaptable to specific customer and project needs, in remote locations where typical shipyard facilities are not available.

This includes:-
  • Project management.
  • Skilled workforce.
  • Material sourcing & procurement.
  • Prefabrication & shipment.
  • Site offices.
  • Temporary workshops.
  • Mobile cranage.
  • Transport & logistics.
  • Access control & security.
  • Communications connectivity.
  • SHEQ : DNV-GL 9001, 14001 & 18001

In circumstances where a port or location does not have an established shipyard or any adequate workshop facilities, we are able to mobilise with our skilled teams, site facilities, mobile plant and equipment in order to execute projects at short notice.
Marcon is able to carry out repairs, modifications, upgrades, or standard SPS projects on location or at the nearest port of convenience. With prior rig or vessel inspection, detailed scoping of the work and careful planning, Marcon is able to secure all the material and equipment required to execute the work.  If required, complete prefabrication's can be produced prior to the rig or vessel arrival.  In these situations Marcon can essentially bring the “shipyard” to the rig.

Marcon has been facilitating engineering design, fabrication, repair and maintenance services on all our customer’s assets for many years. These services and turnkey engineering solutions, supported by experienced project management teams, are offered to all sectors of the Marine and Offshore industries. Our multi-disciplined project managers, project planners, engineers and technicians work together efficiently to ensure that projects are executed safely and efficiently. We take a flexible approach to each project and put together project teams with the appropriate expertise and skills needed specific to each project.
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Ship, Marine and Offshore Repairs
Marcon Engineering services have offered 24/7/365 specialist services, to all marine and offshore operators, all around the world for decades.

A Wide Range of Dry Dock Repair Services
The range of marine repairs that we regularly undertake while vessels are in dry dock includes the following:
  • Engine main bearing transplants.
  • Main bearing and crankpin surveys.
  • Crankpin journal diameter machining in situ.
  • In place main bearing machining.
  • Repair of cracked diesel engine blocks, cylinders, bedplates and entablatures.
  • Refurbishment of cylinder liner landing areas.
  • In place In line boring on all engines.
  • Engine alignment.
  • Stern Tube and A-frame alignment/boring.
  • Reboring coupling holes.
  • Machine crane pedestal seats.
  • Re-bore thruster and stabiliser location bores.
  • Rudder housing, blade and horn alignment and reboring.
  • Re metal and re-machine worn propeller hubs.
Many of our repairs are also carried out while alongside or mid-ocean. And if an in situ repair really isn’t possible, we can take components to our fully equipped workshops.

Drilling Rigs, Jack Ups, Platforms and FPSO's
We work for some of the biggest marine and offshore operators as well as OEMs providing plant and equipment to this global industry. We’ve specialised in on-site marine repairs for decades, you know your assets machinery will be in the safest professional hands.
  • All types of Naval and Merchant vessels during construction or operation.
  • Drilling Rigs, Jack Ups, Production Platforms and FPSO’s during construction or operation.
  • We can respond quickly to emergency and breakdown situations OR to planned construction, maintenance, and dry dock projects.